More connections between מלכים and אסתר

The first chapter of I Kings has some interesting parallels to Esther.

David’s advisors suggest:

ויאמרו לו עבדיו יבקשו לאדני המלך נערה בתולה, strikingly similar to Esther 2:2

ויאמרו נערי המלך משרתיו יבקשו למלך נערות בתולות טובות מראה

Then in 1:14, in Nathan’s plan with Bathsheba to establish Solomon as David’s successor, he tells Bathsheba to speak with David and says that while she is still speaking (עודך מדברת), he will come in and support her claim.  The phrase עוד מדבר appears three times in the story in I Kings (1:14, 1:22, and 1:42).  It also appears in Esther 6:14, עודם מדברים עמו וסריסי המלך הגיעו.  The phrase adds a certain urgency.  While one conversation is happening and an urgent issue is being dealt with, another urgent matter arises.

The phrase appears already in Gen. 29:9 when Jacob meets Rachel at the well.

And it appears again in II Kings 6:33, when the king sends someone to kill Elisha.


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