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Dates in תנ”ך

I’m not referring to social dates or the dates that grow on trees.  I mean calendar dates.

It has been my intention while going through תנ”ך to collect all the calendar dates mentioned in the תנ”ך.  I’ll start here with נ”ך, and then hopefully add חומש as I get the chance.  I will update this post each time I come across a date in נ”ך.  And by the end of year it will hopefully be complete.

יהושע ד:יט ניסן 10 בעשור לחדש הראשון The Israelites cross the Jordan into the Land of Israel
יהושע ה:י ניסן 14 בארעבעה עשר יום לחדש בערב The Israelites celebrate פסח in the Land of Israel. The following day the מן stops falling, and they eat from the produce of the land